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    Like many other hairstyles and haircuts, it can be really difficult to transition from locs to loose or even longer loose hair. Still, It can be done and done very successfully. Here are my top 3 methods for transitioning from locs to loose natural hair. Method #1 Cut your locs off. It’s the easiest and most simple way. You will have the chore of growing out your hair if you don’t plan to keep it short but this grow-out period can be a time to really get to know your hair again and enjoy it at each stage of length. Method #2 Detangling. Locs are essentially organized tangled hair. If you maintain your locs by re-twisting/palm-rolling, this process can be

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      We're sure we've all been there. Your long flowing loc decides to snap after growing it for so long! We know it can feel devastating but relax, it's really not the end of the world! Discover 3 simple things to do when your locs breaks. Discover why your locs are breaking – The number one cause for locs to break is by colouring your hair often and/or incorrectly/or not caring for coloured hair.  We take locs for granted sometimes and think they don't need much TLC and may skip the treatment and conditioned/moisturized steps. Try Knotty Boy Conditioning Spray (as recommended by Folami Summerville) or Eden Body Works hair milk and Shea Radiance hair repair lotion. See your stylist to see if

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    Start your loc journey with Jus Natural. Choose from any of our loc start up methods listed below or visit us for a consultation so we can help you decide which is right for you.• Comb twist and interlock (starting at $6500) The hair is comb coiled or twisted then interlocked at the roots.• Rope twist and interlock (starting at $7000) The hair is rope twisted without any form of extensions then locked at the roots.• Rope twist (with extensions) and interlock (starting at $8500) The hair is rope twisted with extensions then locked at the roots.• Tip to Root (starts at $12,500) The hair is locked with the latching needle from the tips upward to the roots.• Instant Locs