Loc Start Up


Here are the different loc start up methods you can get at Jus Natural Hair Studio.


Photo 1 shows loc start up methods (from left to right)
-Rope Twist and interlock (starting at $6500) The hair is rope twisted without any form of extensions then locked at the roots.
-Tip to Root (starts at $11,000) The hair is locked with the latching needle from the tips upward to the roots.

Photo 2 shows loc start up methods as seen in photo 1 in addition to the Rope Twist and interlock with human hair extensions (starting at $6500 and client purchases each pack of hair @ $4000). The 100% human hair is twisted in with the hair, then locked at the roots.

Photos 3 & 4 shows the methods above in addition to the loc extension method. It is the most expensive method of them all and is first twisted with human hair (as seen in photo 2) then a wrap out method is done to have the locs looking as if it has been there for years. Labour cost for this method starts at $13,000 and client also purchases hair at $4000 per pack.

Other method (not shown) includes the Jus Natural Instant Locs (starting at $18,000) where your own hair is pulled into itself to form instant, matured locs. We also have our crotchet faux locs (temporary locs) method starting at $15,000.

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