Like many other hairstyles and haircuts, it can be really difficult to transition from locs to loose or even longer loose hair. Still, It can be done and done very successfully. Here are my top 3 methods for transitioning from locs to loose natural hair.

Method #1
Cut your locs off. It’s the easiest and most simple way. You will have the chore of growing out your hair if you don’t plan to keep it short but this grow-out period can be a time to really get to know your hair again and enjoy it at each stage of length.

Method #2
Detangling. Locs are essentially organized tangled hair. If you maintain your locs by re-twisting/palm-rolling, this process can be fairly easy but is much more difficult when hair has been maintained by interlocking the root. Always detangle from tip to root with a sharp object like a paper clip or envelope opener – whatever works for you.

This method is very time-consuming and requires a lot of commitment. Watch the video above for tips on detangling locks.

Method #3
Grow Your Hair Out. Yes, you can just stop retightening and grow your hair out. Finger-detangle your roots after each wash to help to keep them separated. Plait, twist or flat-twist your locs, to camouflage your new growth. This can be done successful for a very long time but it gets more difficult to camouflage as your hair gets longer. Nevertheless, I have seen nice ponytails of afro hair done neatly and you can manage to do this and keep a professional appearance. Watch the video above for more tips and suggestions.



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